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Master Members are a mastermind group of people that are taking daily action steps to build their online business and personal brand.
The program guides each member through all the available Entrepreneur Girl® training, books, podcast, social media & Youtube material... 
 everything in one systematic month to month approach.

Priced at less than $10 a week or $39 a month, 
this education is accessible to everyone and risk free
 (you can cancel anytime if you don't just love it!). 

As a member...
you are given the exact 'next step' needed to grow your business,
you are shown how to accomplish each task successfully,
you  are walked through the whole process by an incredible community of like minded entrepreneurs and myself.

For those kinetic learners that like to have someone demonstrate each step in an easily understood fashion, this is the group for you.

It doesn’t matter if you’re just getting your business off the ground
or if you’re a seasoned pro pushing into the next level.

If you follow our system you will see success. Period.

Master membership includes a live coaching group video session where you can ask questions or seek advice for your particular situation
as you progress through the teachings.

We stand shoulder to shoulder round here!

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