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An authority in digital marketing, Tracy Smith is an educator, consultant, video blogger and speaker about building an online businesses. She is known for her 'real' style of speaking, that allows people to relate and connect with her.  Originating as a popular YouTuber, her experience expanded as she was requested to speak in front of a range of audiences
—from corporate marketing executives,
 to a small groups of friends—
Tracy has become a sought out speaker for business growth, personal branding, and life motivation all over the world.

Today in marketing, the personalities that shine are the ones who win over the hearts of customers. No matter what size your company, branding in a personal way is the edge you need to stand out. Let your audience see a face who will lead them to become your greatest brand advocates. Online marketing speaker Tracy Smith will help you discover the power of personality in your branding to build authority and reach an engaged community who will support you for life.


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