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Let’s be real: you’re probably on some kind of budget...
and knowing where to invest in your education and the growth of your company can be difficult. But don’t worry, I show up for you by providing many free opportunities..

Your business impacts everything about your life: the money you have access to, which leads to which opportunities you can experience, where you live, what you drive,  how you feel about yourself, and even how much down time you have... literally every aspect of your life is altered by this choice.

So the person chosen to train you will play a crucial role and investing in someone you trust is so important! Your career teacher is the sole individual responsible for preparing you for one of the biggest decisions of your life.

Invest in someone who cherishes your wedding day memories as much as you do! I promise to not only supply you with beautiful photos and creatively capture your unique love, but to provide guidance and support as you prepare to marry your favorite person in the world.

Bottom line:
I am here to serve YOUR unique vision and needs for YOUR business. My training walks you through every step needed to build an online business and personal brand. I never leave your side and am available to pop on the phone with you for an hour chat any time you need me. Let's do this... together!

just getting started?

Setting up your foundation- Jumping in with a plan and a purpose sets you up for success! Yet, taking the time to prepare yourself mentally and physically for the life and business you want, is often overlooked. You need to know the basics of business and setting one up successfully. You also need to strengthen your mind and learn how to attack fear, if you're going to have the gumption to withstand the normal hurdles of business building. We cover both elements in this course. 

Thoughts = Actions = Outcomes


coming soon

Before you begin

Choose the business you want to start- I believe that diversification of income streams is the best way to protect your finances and increase your income. I currently have 10 streams of income and teach on all of them. Which business model do you want to start? Choose one method and develop it out until successful, and then choose another, until multiple streams of income are established; 

"what method fits you best?" quiz

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The book
, speaking, book, collab (work with me)Business health check monthly plus financial

coaching is where tracy focuses on you and your business

certification plus business. tee

free training:
youtube weekly video training, free templates, behind the scenes emails, blog, social media, reading list

5 Stages of Success
The five stages are:

1. Planning: creating a plan for your business
2. Goal Setting: defining and refining the goals you want to accomplish
3. Research: testing, experimenting, and trying different things to discover what works and what doesn’t
4. Action: maximizing your efforts through marketing and sales
5. Scaling: exploring expansion for your business

to name a few topics

that we will go over

01. business basics

how to grow clients

strong start. strong race.

stuff you gotta know

who are you really


even for free

hitting the target

no, it's not just a logo

adding the bling

WTH that really means

02. branding

03. growth strategy

04. marketing

05. tribe creation

I'm wondering
This page contains affiliate links. However, we would never list a product or service
unless we absolutely loved it. Because we absolutely love you.
Running a business is probably the craziest decision you ever made. You love it, but are overwhelmed with all the nitty gritty details.  You're about to organize the caos babe.

tech help


time saving assists


on-the-go presence & management

writing tips

brand design and set-up

website,  socia media, youtube, 

refine your message and branding Define your message so the audience knows what you offer and what problem you solve. Gain visibility to grow your company and increase sales.




on-the-go presence & management













 I expanded on the foundation taught to me in business school... 

And I created passive income, so I could make money while traveling.
And I diversified my business, so I could be financially secure.
And I learned automation, so I can spend time with the people I care about.

And now I know that anyone who is willing to work hard... 
truly can have a freedom lifestyle-
 if a normal mom like me can do it... anyone can do it!

My goal is to remove the mystery of making money online by providing you
 with the step-by-step, beginner-to-master, formula.

I have had the opportunity to help students all over the globe break free from the daily grind.
Watching as they changed their life (and that of their family)
 is the fruit of the entrepreneur girl® brand .

So if you are ready to build a solid online business, but you're not sure how...
(I get it, because I've been there.
You have clarity about where you want to be, but the road-map to get there is still fuzzy.) 
,,,my courses are the road map.

Follow the steps and change your life!

let's. get. busy.

ready to change?

If you get only one thing from my website, I want it to be this:

Opportunities for you to change your life exist!

In fact, they can more than simply change your life,
they can make it look unrecognizable to you.
You can, quite literally, create the life you want.

I want you to know this...
because it's important to me that you hear this from someone and believe it to be true.
So if you, or someone you know, is struggling or miserable or scared...
you can do something to change that.

 Life is short.
With my health conditions, I know how brief and unpredictable life can be.
We owe it to ourselves, our families, and this world to be as fulfilled and successful as possible.

Yet, so many of us, doubt ourselves.
In our thoughts...
 we are never smart enough, pretty enough, young enough, or talented enough to pull it off. Dreams are for other people. Dreams are selfish, anyway. Settling surely, that's contentment.

Lies. All of it.
And I'm calling you out! 

You are not serving the world by playing small.
There's nothing Godly or grand about shrinking from your purpose.
You are meant to shine...
 to be glorious; to live out all your talents, passions, and purpose in a BIG way.

Not just some of us... ALL of us.

And by changing our life, we encourage others to change their life, too.
We have impact.

You deserve this.
Every darn bit of it.

The 5 step sequence
to build a successful online business is here!!!!

Experience my life as it went from rut to radiant! The complete steps to being your own boss and (literally) building the life you want... get motivated by my brutally honest behind-the-scenes story, and then get rockin' your own online business with the step by step process I walk you through.

available winter 2019!



Yeah, I'm pretty partial to our
 Entrepreneur Girl® training :)
After all, we put our whole heart into developing a well-rounded curriculum just for you,
our fellow online entrepreneurs!
I know the education on this page will skyrocket
your business and your life, and I can't wait to hear all about it!
                                 hugs -Tracy

creating a business and a life you love requires action.

get going!!!

yeah, i'm pretty partial to our Entrepreneur girl training :)
after all, we put our whole heart into developing a well-rounded curriculum just for you, our fellow online entrepreneurs!
i know the education on this page will skyrocket
your business and your life, and i can't wait to hear all about it!

hugs -Tracy

lifestyle of freedom!


you want time to TRAVEL, be with LOVED ones, and do things you ENJOY


 having CONTROL of your life, is as important as breathing


 every paycheck, you wonder why you spend all your time making your
 boss RICH (and not you!)

 you believe in planning your life... and actually ACHIEVING what you plan


you would rather work like a dog to CHANGE YOUR LIFE then work like a kitten and stay where you are...


you want to start a campaign to destroy all alarm clocks... 
because you are the BOSS of your day


TIME is your most important commodity... and you want more 


your dream is FREEDOM to do ... well, anything you want  :) 



 you want to create & be proud of your "own" thing,
you want a purpose... ohhh EMPOWERMENT!


in the right place if...

MY associations

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You have the ability to change your story...
to make a better life for both you and your family.
One that is built around time to be with those you love, money to have what you need,
and freedom to do the things that bring you happiness.

You really can go from where you are today,
to where you want to be tomorrow.
There comes a day when you've had enough and you are faced with a decision.
Today is that day... find the strength to see it through! 



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