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I'm Tracy Jo Smith

Business educator, author, youtuber, coach, speaker, podcaster, digital creator, adventurer, mother of eight with a massive dream:

To see people wake up to their lives!

I'm glad you're here.
Let's. Get. Busy.

Hey, there!

build an online


HEY THERE! I'M TRACY JO SMITH hey there! I'm Tracy JO Smith

hey there! I'm Tracy JO SmitH HEY THERE! I'M TRACY JO SMITH

hey there! I'm Tracy JO Smith HEY THERE! I'M TRACY JO SMITH


Indiana born,
 kentucky raised,
florida living,
North Carolina Lovin'

just a small town

mom of eight!

I also love: travel and adventure, God and family, health and fitness, all things business, snuggling on the couch with a good movie or book, being goofy at inappropriate times, and helping others carve out a life they don’t have to pretend to like. 

I'm a business educator, coach, author, speaker, podcaster, youtuber, and digital creator who believes in BIG dreams and the people behind them... which is why I started this company.

I didn’t always have this business: the clients, the courses, the book...

In fact, just over a decade ago you could have found me fantasizing over the corporate ladder, exhausted in the daily rat race, and not seeing myself in my own life.

Then, I was diagnosed with major medical issues and my whole outlook on living changed. So I sat out to create a life of true freedom, purpose, and fun... in just four months, and with only $200. 

Who says it's impossible to have it all?


100,000 in our social network

Working in over 20+ countries

Within 300 industries 

98% of clients recommend us

in retrospect

I should have known...

that this happy + talks too much gifted student,
adventurous and brave lil cowgirl,
fierce lover and protector of people,
that emptied her parents closet so she could "open a walk-in medical clinic"

... would one day become an entrepreneur helping others!


I’m probably sipping coffee from my treadmill desk and dreaming of ways we can all get from where we are to where we want to be.

I'm still that little kid on the inside, but adult size now.

I still love others and work to positively impact their lives.

It really lights me up to see whole families experience positive change in real time!

Building relationships with them as they learn how to work online, take control of their lives and schedules, and feel happy again... is one my most favorite things!

I found my purpose that very first day I was able to use my experience to guide others back to a life that was truly their own, by showing them that starting a business was closer than they thought.

And yeah, I still love to learn, still talk too much, and still do crazy adventures :)

Maybe the journey...

isn't so much
about becoming anything.

Maybe it's about un-becoming
everything that isn't really you.

so you can be who you were meant to be in the first place.

8 Kids

 The mistakes!



The Myers-Briggs test indicated I should go into business... but,  stubbornIy I went through being an EMT and teacher before getting my business degree from UF.

Growing my large family was the best thing I've ever done❤️and the hardest. And I homeschooled!

Even if progress WAS being made in my business and life... the daily mistakes made it feel like it WASN'T. As I result, I almost quit a time or two!

Genetic medical issues started when I was 16 years old, and will forever be my biggest hurdle mentally, physically and financially.

But it's a constant process...













Becoming an "overnight success" took me a dozen years of hard work.

And it's not over yet! There will always be more to overcome, push through, and fight towards.

Keep pressing for everything that's important to you, and you'll be amazed at what you can do!

the recession devastated our family finances

went back to school for a business degree

pregnancy with 7th child

graduated from the University Of Florida

started stock trading

started selling on ebay

my father went into hospice care

grew ebay business into three stores

diagnosed with thyroid cancer

year long heart+lung recovery from embolism

gave birth to my 8th and final child

added Amazon, Etsy, poshmark & marketplace

begin all social media platforms

20,000 subscribers on Youtube

hit by a hurricane + the loss of my mother

completed all of North america road trip style"

developed a planner + branded merch

42,000 subscribers on Youtube

created a podcast + book + course

two brain surgeries to fix five aneurysms

social media continues to grow organically

began website design + branding services

contracts with my first 4 large companies

entrepreneur girl expands into 20+ countries

surgery + infusions to fix my severe anemia

began speaking at schools and events

started coaching + grew client list

kept my head down and worked hard

my father dies & takes a piece of me with him

started consulting with small companies

struggled to get balance after thyroid removal

bought an Indiana farmhouse

started youtube channel

developed entrepreneur girl website

branded and trademarked entrepreneur girl

suffered a massive pulmonary embolism 

a look back at the good and the bad...



Here's the real person timeline to overnight success!


I believe in you.
Like... really.

You really are just one choice, one business adventure away, from changing your life, too...
even if you face detours of your own.

A life of security, freedom, flexibility, independence and pride.

We choose to live by choice, not by chance.
We charge towards a better life, not watch it idly.

We are fueled by fear, not trapped by it.
We will make changes, not excuses.

We tell ourselves that we are enough,
for we know that we are.

We play big, not small.
We shine, not shrink.
We strive to impact lives outside of our own.

We are unique leaders, not followers.
We have tough skin, with scars of our circumstance,
which we proudly display and show others how to navigate.

We listen to our inner voice and trust ourselves.
We will create what we desire, and change what we detest.

We are strong.
We are powerful.

Not just some of us.
All of us.

a culture of fanatic doer's!


our motto:

based in pine island, Florida 


my favorite books

top 100 reading list

my favorite things

• Michael Hyatt Platform: Get Noticed In A Noisy World
• Timothy Ferriss The 4-Hour Workweek
• James Redfield The Celestine Prophecy
• Darren Hardy The Compound Effect
• Gary Chapman The Five Love Languages
• Napoleon Hill Think and Grow Rich
• Robert Kiyosaki Rich Dad Poor Dad
• Barbara Stanny Secrets of Six-Figure Women
• Joel Osteen Your Best Life Now
• Rachel Hollis Girl, Wash Your Face
• The Bible
• David Ogilvy Ogilvy On Advertising
• Al Ries The 22 Immutable Laws Of Branding
• Seth Godin This Is Marketing
• Jen Sincero You Are A Bada**

• Travel is my most favorite thing in the world! (well, besides my husband and kids...)
• Spending time with my extended family in Indiana. I feel so loved there ❤ they rock!
• River rafting, ziplining, hiking and yep! ... anything active or exciting
• Cheese and chocolate-- together!
• Pj's, a movie, and pizza delivery 
• The color pink (you probably knew that)
• Playing the flute and taking photos
• A good steak
• Candles. Everywhere. 
• Coffee, LOTS  of coffee
• Scrapbooking Memories
• Reading a book in the bathtub

(You can find us working hard at our computers, making every second count OR drawing funny faces on each other!)

Without these peeps.

meet the team

Tech Guru

Big Cheese

Media Boss

my momma

I wouldn't be where I am today... 

So how are things now?


put on your comfy pants and go!

I created twelve online income streams and an International brand. 

They are flexible, financially sound, and online so that I can work from anywhere in the world, doing any activity I desire, all from my BACKPACK.

Allowing me to discover my purpose, reject 9-5 work, and commit to having more time to play, travel, and be with those I love.

Never again, will I have a one week vacation, or work long hours building someone else’s dream. Never again will I give up on my dreams (or myself).

The road to becoming an internet entrepreneur wasn't always easy, but it led to the greatest gift of all...

1. What trophies sit on your shelf?

6. Someday I want to:

8. My go-to outfit is:

    a. yoga pants and a tank

    b. jeans and a tee

    c. anything from a designer 

    d. a dress & heels

9. I am deathly afraid of:

    a. public speaking

    b. heights

    c. flying

    d. roaches

2. If you could eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?

5. What speaks to my soul?

10. Who do I trust?

3. Most likely to binge watch: 

   a. girlboss 

   b. the voice
   c. the bachelor

   d. house hunters

4. The best title I have: 

   a. entrepreneur girl 

   b. blogger
   c. mommy

   d. professional coffee drinker

7. What do you do when stressed: 


cheerleading + basketball + a half-marathon + bowling

being out in nature. hiking. any adventure!

steak and potatoes

write a bunch of books


order pizza, rent a movie + nestle in my pjs

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