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Wanna build           business
 love your life
= balance both

(a wildy successful)



hello you! 

My path was not a straight one...

In my 20's I became a state board certified EMT, and then continued on to become a teacher. By the time I was in my 30's I had eight children that I homeschooled, a beautiful home, and life seemed pretty darn good until a near fatal embolism and a cancer diagnosis caused me to rethink and redirect my entire life. I went back to college for business (Go Gators!) and by 40 had established the Entrepreneur Girl® brand plus diversified into nine other online income streams. Finally, I had built a business that supported a life I loved, I had created better balance for myself, and I had been blessed with purpose in showing others the way to financial & personal freedom.

Normal, everyday, people want to be their own boss, work from home, and earn enough to enjoy life... but they don't know how to set it up successfully, and many don't believe in themselves enough to even try.

I built a beginner to advanced plan of action that outlines and simplifies all steps needed for you to straighten out your own path and gain control of your relationships and time and money.

You really do have the power to change your story and create a different one... one that betters your lIfe and the lives of your family.

Empowering you with everything needed to get out of your rut, build your own online business, create a life you love, and find more balance... regardless of your age, beauty, finances, education, gender, or status.

My mission is simply to help you build an online business so you have the freedom and power to create a life you love, too.

how did I get started?

I'm Tracy Jo

I have worked with Entrepreneur Girl for my private label listings and photography work. Also worked with them on upgrade to website and WordPress setup. I am happy to say the team did an excellent job with the work given. Tracy is a great person to work with and always providing her input on where we can improve as a business. I am blessed to know her and the rest of the team. Her work is top notch and always delivering the best service. Her prices are very reasonable and she is always willing to strike a fair deal when dealing with hourly work. She gives more into her time for the price paid. The group here at Fizzle Zizzle is proud to work with an amazing group of people at Entrepreneur Girl. We look forward to many more collaborations to help our business grow to the next level.
Faisal, India
Fizzle Zizzle

Entrepreneur Girl is a tremendous asset to our business. They go ‘above and beyond’ to do whatever is necessary to make our business a success. They are timely with communications and are able to develop content that aligns with my business. I would recommend them highly. They are professional and hardworking in everything they take on. I’m learning a great deal from their expertise and impeccable service.
-Darren, USA

I took the Entrepreneur Girl 7 day intensive program coach by Tracy Smith. I left my job in law enforcement in January 2018 to pursue entrepreneurship. I had no experience with being an entrepreneur before I signed up for the 7 Day intensive program. Tracy was excellent with her coaching and mentorship. I also got a bonus with the program and that is a friendship as well. She is very knowledgeable when it comes to being an entrepreneur. She help me with various different tasks such as organization, creating schedules, creating goals, budgeting and help me to be able to create my dream of being a business owner. She is understanding and transparent. There is so much value in the course that is worth every penny plus more. Not only has Tracy gave me the courage to be an entrepreneur but now I'm a business owner and I give thanks to Tracy! 
-Gina, USA

I discovered Tracy’s channel back in 2014 when I was desperately looking for some motivation to start my own business. After multiple searches on YouTube for real, honest, hard working entrepreneur stories, I came across her channel. I immediately felt really connected to Tracy and had an EntrepreneurGirl marathon that day. I loved the fact that she was documenting her entrepreneurial journey in such a realistic and honest way. Tracy inspired me to take the leap and open my own business in November 2014 and she has been a constant source of motivation for my personal and professional growth ever since. She never ceases to amaze me with her work consistency, her business knowledge, her dedication as a mom and most of all, with her ability to always keep things real.  
-Micky, Canada

Tracy is such a great teacher. She presents concepts in an easy to understand  way. I find myself smiling every time I talk with her, or even hear her talking, because her passion and energy are so contagious. She is so likeable and relatable! I used her coaching and training courses, and was able to leave a job I hated and grow the online business of my dreams! I finally understood the step-by-step process that I needed in order to transition into my new life. Thank you Tracy!  
 - Nicole, USA

Hi Tracy , I just wanted to give you a short story of how you helped me out. Ever since I came across your videos on Youtube they have changed the way I do this resell business. You were truly an inspiration to me . I was able to finally quit my job and do this full time because of you .
- Bob, USA

Tracy creates natural relationships with her audience, because she relates to the realities of being an entrepreneur, a parent, and an individual. Her willingness to be transparent and authentic, gives others encouragement to overcome perfectionism and fear of failure.
- Katie, USA

As a result of Tracy Smith's coaching services, I have become much more goal focused and confident than I was previously. Her ability to work with someone on an individual basis-analyzing both the person's current situation and helping in the goal-setting process--has been a great help in my deciding to pursue my own entrepreneurial dreams. However, an even greater benefit that she offers is her genuine care and concern for you as a person, along with her heartfelt desire that you truly succeed and make your dreams come true. I wholeheartedly recommend her services as a great boost in helping you plan your work and work your plan.
-Terry, USA  

EntrepreneurGirl, Tracy Smith – What an amazing person. She has videos on her Youtube channel that teaches you and describes in detail how to be successful on Amazon and Ebay. The videos go into detail about retail arbitrage – what works and what doesn't work. But it doesn't stop there. She goes on to tell you WHY something doesn't work. She has content and substance in her videos and I highly recommend you watch them. It is time well spent! They are informative and you WILL learn so much from them. So much so, you will contact her after and ask her where to send your tuition money. Watch her videos, you will NOT be disappointed.
-Alberto, USA 

10 ways

help you


My life was in a five-year-long tail spin... everything was drastically going wrong. Not only had a doctor looked me in the eye and said that I could literally die, but I also had a sneaking suspicion that I was figuratively dying on the inside as well. Sometimes the pain of staying where we are, is far greater than the fear of changing. So with nothing but determination, I built my business, created a life I loved, and learned how to better balance both. Putting all my formal and informal business training into a condensed version for others to follow, was an important way for me to give back and empower others to be their own boss. You will get a true behind-the-scenes look at life and business building! 

available November 2020!


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If you only do one thing on my site, this should be it!
This is my baby, this is where I put the education you need to build and grow your online business. I will simplify hard steps, share the surprises you should expect, and show you the real tricks learned after a decade of doing it myself after business school. 

I will do whatever I can to help you change your life and be the person you've dreamed of becoming:
secure, respected, successful, happy & independent.

Your life can look completely different to you,
 in just a few short months.
Your finances, what you own, activities you do, all of it.

Showing you the ropes by giving you EVERYTHING in a super easy step-by-step format. and putting it all in chronological order to make it even easier!



step by step

your how-to shop

This isn't a pipe dream.

It really is possible for the average person, more importantly... for you...
to work from home and make your dreams a reality! But sometimes it doesn't feel that way.

If you’re looking for more hands on help and support then come and join our membership. To be a member you must participate weekly. We hold each other accountable, connect with fellow members, evaluate each other's businesses, answer questions, and tailor the learning tracks specifically for your needs. 



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I live to motivate.

If your community is ready for actionable tips and strategies for taking their work and life to the next level...

I'd love to join you and your large or small group!

Just one voice can change a person, can change a room, can change a life.

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build business.
love your life.
balance both.


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Every week I publish a blog brimming with inspirational stories, amazing interviews, helpful business tips, fun content and all the news you need to know to rock your business and life.




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Hundreds of business tips.

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are you a company


You’re a real person with a real life, a real family, and real concerns.

 I'll cut right to the chase telling you what to do, how to do it, and why you're even doing it to begin with... 

Useable + relatable + transparent + non fluff.
 I talk to you like I talk to my mom and best friend.
Holding nothing back, not even the stuff you don't want to hear, or the secret tips no one else wants to tell you.
 I will be your encourager, path-show-er, working parent advice giver, joke maker, and butt kicker.

All you need is a real method to get you there, and I provide that for you. 

I have (literally) taken all the information out there + my business degree knowledge + my real life experience
and condensed it into a chronological list of steps, so you can go from being confused and scared to being successful and empowered.



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