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and working online (literally) changed everything for me.

If you've landed here, you're wanting to start, or to grow a (wildly successful) online business! Which then gives you the time, money, and freedom to build a life you (absolutely) love.

Only after major medical issues shook my world, did I finally find the courage to go after the life I really wanted, and bring my freedom back. 

Your life is about change 
today... my Business University will guide you on how to build a successful business and a life that you love, even when you face obstacles of your own! 🩶 

My Less-Than-Perfect Story

Well, hey there!



I've been where you are.

yeah, working online (literally) changed everything for me!

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Because I want to give you a weekly dose of practical marketing, business and life strategies to start growing your online business and design your dream life.

Plus, I want to share my behind-the-scenes (the true ups and downs) with you!

The "personal development for entrepreneurs" podcast that teaches you how to build your business, love your life, and balance both. You can change your life by reprogramming old patterns that keep you stuck and learn the steps that will propel you forward. Welcome to my living room!

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03  it's hard to fight for a better life, but...

04  creating a life that you love

05  how in the world to find balance?

06  the step-by-step process to get there

02  finding my way out and how you can, too

01  the craziness that landed me here

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STuck? Something bad happen? desperate for change?
Yeah... I know. 

My life was in a five-year-long tail spin. Not only had a doctor looked me in the eye and said that I could literally die, but I also had a sneaking suspicion that I was figuratively dying on the inside, too. with nothing but determination, I built my business, created a life I loved, and learned how to better balance both. 

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Business University teaches real people, with real problems, the real steps needed to change their life now through the flexibility of working online. You really can leave the 9-5 and create a business that allows you to build a life you're excited about! Most programs hold something back, but I teach every-single-thing I use in real life! There's no 'generalities' or 'motivation without muscle' here.

I help you change your life and become the secure, respected, successful, happy and independent person you've dreamed of becoming. Your life can be completely different in just a few short months and I will show you the ropes with a super easy, chronological, step-by-step format!



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This isn't a pipe dream.

It really is possible for the average person, more importantly... for you... to work from home and make your dreams a reality! But sometimes it doesn't feel that way, does it?

If you’re looking for more hands on help and support, then come and join me for some very affordable mentoring. 



I live to motivate.

If your community is ready for actionable tips and strategies for taking their work and life to the next level...

I'd love to join your large or small group! Contact me with your info and let's start a conversation.

Just one voice really can change a person, a room, and a life.





build business.
love your life.
balance both.

You really, really want to build an online business and develop your personal brand, right? Problem is, you have no idea how, and maybe don't believe in yourself enough to even try..

I get it. Not having a road map was my biggest hurdle, too. So let's change that for you in a BIG way!

It doesn’t matter if you’re just getting your business off the ground or if you’re a seasoned pro pushing into the next level, if you participate in the teachings on this site, you will see a major improvement. Period.

We stand shoulder to shoulder round here!


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Millions of views.
Thousands of subscribers.
Hundreds of business tips.

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Entrepreneur Girl® is 

We all have a responsibility to help others...
and I want to teach the whole world
that change is possible,
and you really can achieve your dreams.

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But, I want to take it one step further...

I want to tell people that regardless of
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or status... you can take charge
of your life and define your future.

I want Entrepreneur Girl® to be a place,
where people around the globe,
can learn to do marvelous things. 

No limits.
No constraints.
Just untapped opportunity to be remarkable!

And I'm not stopping there...
we have a world to influence!

Won't you join me? Let's gooooo!
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I help you build your online business...
so you have the time, money , and freedom to build your life. 


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