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My life was in a five-year-long tail spin... everything was drastically going wrong. Not only had a doctor looked me in the eye and said that I could literally die, but I also had a sneaking suspicion that I was figuratively dying on the inside as well. Sometimes the pain of staying where we are, is far greater than the fear of changing. So with nothing but determination, I built my business, created a life I loved, and learned how to better balance both. Putting all my formal and informal training into a condensed version for others to follow, was an important way for me to give back and empower others to be their own boss. You will get a true behind-the-scenes look at life and business building! 

available January 10th, 2020!



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Tracy smith is a true entrepreneur girl.
As a 'new media' influencer —
YouTuber, Podcaster, Social Media mentor, Keynote Speaker and Author—
she coaches people to go after a life they want by buildinging an online business.


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